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DO NOT rush into the next chamber. Edge in towards the left and try and draw the Skeletons back to the entry point in groups of for easy kills. Once their numbers have been reduced, equip Athena's Blades and while blocking awaken the remaining Skeletons. Kill the remaining Skeletons. Now draw the Undead to one side of the coffins and then quickly run to the other side to strike the coffins. Hack and then smash any stray Undead as they attempt to follow.

Continue to block and feint to draw the Undead away from the coffins.

Collect the Bonus Item and use the Shrine. Enter the area and run, and then try to draw as many Assassins together as is possible. Then use the Gorgon's Shield and stone and shatter as many as possible with Rage. Once the rest of the group recover use the Gorgon's Shield once more and target any remaining Assassins, then the Praetorian Carnifexes. Run and repeat until Rage is charged and use.

Collect the Bonus Item, use the Shrine and enter the next area. Use the Gorgon's Shield to stop the Nemesis from reaching a pick-up before the Spartan, and repeat until the Spartan is at full Health with both Power tanks full.

Spartan Total Warrior Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 The Badlands

Then use the Gorgon's Shield and stone the Nemesis, followed by several blows and Rage. Use the Gorgon's Shield once again to stop the Nemesis reaching pick-ups and recharge before attacking again. While invulnerable light as many fuses as is possible, but keep moving as the Spartan is NOT impervious to explosions.

Objective: Find your way out In the next area move down the sides of the room and while constantly blocking to avoid the Skeleton Archers' arrows and collect Fire Arrows from a Chest. Move over to the platforms and detonate the explosives. Open all Chests to find the Key and use Shrines if necessary. Try and save at least one Chest as the Spartan will return to this room.

It is possible to kill the Undead in the room to build Power, but note that they will respawn. Collect the Bonus Item before moving to the next area. Use the Power Shrine to the right if needed and run to the far platform. Use the arrows to destroy the explosive to the left. Collect more Fire Arrows if necessary and target the explosives along the walls to eliminate the Undead Archers. Backtrack over the bridge and use the Gorgon's Shield to stone the Undead warriors. In the next chamber use the Shrine; collect the Bonus Item and rejoin Castor.

The jumps in this room are small but must be completed from the shortest gaps. Kill any remaining. Once the Potion wears off use the Gorgon's Shield and stone and shatter the other Romans. Then kill any foes remaining. Pull the lever, use the Shrine if necessary and repeat.

Unfortunately all the Spartan warriors will be killed while the Spartan completes these tasks. DO NOT attack the stoned Praetorians as even with a Rage attack they will only come out of the stone state and attack. Run to the stairs and use the Power Shrine to charge up again, and repeat with the Spear of Achilles. Kill any remaining foes attacking allies by striking from behind. Immediately move to the side so as to not be in range once the Head lunges and then counter attack with a a Powered single attack to destroy the Head.

Collect the power-ups and quickly collect the Fire Arrows from the Chest. Auto-aim and use the Fire Arrows to destroy the damaged neck of the Hydra. Repeat once more, using the respawning Fire Arrows in the Chest. Once both Power tanks have been used, repeatedly bash the striking Heads as they will drop Power pick-ups.

Spartans Edge Out 2-1 Win Over Moline

Once a fourth Head has been destroyed, the other Heads will retreat and the Master Head will appear. The Master Head will initially attack by breathing fire along the bridge the Spartan is standing on. The correct form of defence is to use ROTG, as the Spartan is impervious to the Hydra's breath attack when in flaming form.

If a Head strikes the Spartan in flaming form, however, it will be destroyed. If timed correctly, it is possible to draw in and destroy a Head, then destroy the damaged neck with Fire Arrows. Once the other Heads return, they will attack in pairs.

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Watch the Heads and try and move into the gaps between the Heads as they strike. Once both are expended repeat the process, using one Power Tank for offence and the other for defence. Once the Hydra is low on health, begin using the Fire Arrows floating between the pillars for faster kills.

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Eventually the other Heads will retreat and the Master Head will move in for physical attacks. Like the other Heads, the Master Head will shake it's mandibles before striking. It can be bashed for Power pick-ups. Use a Powered attack to destroy the Master Head followed by Fire Arrows to destroy the neck to finally kill the Hydra. The Spartan will not sustain damage.

Bodyguards MUST also be killed. If Bodyguards are left alive they will move to Archimedes' location and attack. The 5th wave two Assassins is problematic as they will spawn while the Spartan fights the 4th wave on the rooftop. To stop them from killing Archimedes, quickly climb down the ladder and use the Gorgon's Shield. Then run to their location and attack. This will draw the Assassins away from Archimedes.

badland warriors 2 spartans Manual

If needing to use a Shrine during the next three Objectives, use the following: 1. Accessible via a ramp and ladder. The Health Shrine to the west of the Bacchus Inn. Move west down the street, turn right and the Shrine is located ahead in a corner. Watch for single Romans breaking away from the main group. If needing to heal use the Health Shrine located on the rooftop in the Eastern part of the city. A Power Shrine and Chest are also located here. After killing the first Spy, remain in the Western part of the city - specifically THREE alleys, one of which is separated from the others by a side street.

If a Spy is near a Safehouse, auto-aim and use the Bow for a quick kill. Objective: Kill all remaining Romans To prevent any loss in Health - which will be needed for the next mission - locate a street with a platform and a ladder and climb up. Some will recover and run at Archimedes so attack them from behind. Try and collect all the Power pick- ups. Do so quickly as Archimedes will start moving again. Take this opportunity to use the Health Shrine in the north-west corner ahead.

Quickly move back to Archimedes, who by this stage is also around the corner at a door. The 3rd Patrol would have been just about to attack him when stoned.

Stay right beside Archimedes, as at this point he is usually cowering in the corner. Attack any Romans that run towards Archimedes from behind, and draw the Romans away from him. Take this opportunity to use the Health and Power Shrines further east. This will mean that the Spartan must deal with the 5th and 6th Patrol simultaneously. Use the Power Shrine on the ramp in the south-west corner. Set the Romans on fire and use Rage to kill as many of the weaker opponents as is possible.


Guide Archimedes to the eastern gate where he will decide to run for it. Run back up the ramp to the ladder and climb up. Use the Health Shrine if still present. This is possible if almost all the Romans follow the Spartan. The Romans will also attempt to break down the door of Archimedes' Safe House, but if only attempt this there will still be time to kill both groups and finish the mission. Kill the Praetorian on the platform. Use the Gorgon's Shield once more and then kick over all the braziers around the platform.