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The book contains twelve chapters and would be suitable for use as a graduate text or as a supplement for a public choice class. The first part of the book provides a discussion of the problems studied by social choice theory and the conditions under which individual choice is rationalizable.

Chapter 2 discusses the potential value of analogizing collective preferences and choice to individual preferences and choice, and the potential contribution of an axiomatization of the social preference relation. The chapter illuminates some of the important differences between social choice and public choice and constitutional economics.

Distinguished Lecture: Collective Choice and Social Welfare. Professor Amartya Sen

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Collective Intertemporal Choice: the Possibility of Time Consistency

In everyday life people speak easily of what we prefer, where what is at issue seems to be a collective preference. One can imagine, indeed, that each member of a given family prefers something other than what the family prefers. What, then, do the collective preferences of everyday understanding amount to?

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Individual and Collective Choice and Social Welfare

Configure custom resolver. Collectives' Duties and Collectivisation Duties. Stephanie Collins - - Australasian Journal of Philosophy 91 2 Group Agency and Supervenience. Two Kinds of We-Reasoning.