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How can I take on one thing when everything needs to change? At once! Website Facebook Twitter Instagram. My intentions? My resolution was to successfully complete the Iron Maiden, a trio of strength moves performed with a kilogram kettlebell a pistol, a one-armed overhead press, and a weighted pull-up.

I got a training plan from a fellow pro in the community and set off about achieving my goal. The press and the pistol I could already do though the pistol not prettily yet because I need to work on my ankle mobility, OK?! A month or two into it, I quit.

29 New Year’s resolutions every twentysomething girl should make

So I did that, and lived happily, unapologetically ever after. For example, I used to obsess over reaching a triple bodyweight deadlift which would have been about pounds. Savor the small victories you can accomplish today, this week, and this month. These consistent small wins are what lead you to the big prize. And in those ten years, a few weeks of deprivation led to a wintry mix of bingeing, shame, and despair. The end was always the same — I gained more weight than I ever managed to lose.

Consistent care is the only resolution worth making, and the results are phenomenal. In my early twenties I was the stereotypical university student — study hard, party hard. So this year, I'm going to own my shit and stop apologizing for things I don't have to apologize for.

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I find that some weeks I'll go to the gym every day and cook healthy meals, and others I'll not go at all and stuff my face with take out every night. I need to find a way to not live with such extremes. This also applies to my phone habits—it's getting unhealthy how often I rely on my cell phone! I'm going to try and unplug every once in a while. This year, I'm going to own my shit and stop apologizing for things I don't have to apologize for. I always start the year with a budget, but it somehow falls apart. I want to plan how I will use my income in the most efficient way, and then track my purchases along the way.

There are so many online tools to easily help me keep track, so I want to choose one and use it.

16 Bad Habits Real Women Want to Break This Year

I think if I devote a little bit of time each weekend to checking in, I can make it happen. Sometimes I half-ass things, telling myself that 'I'm working up to it,' when I just need to go for it. I want to run more, so I am going to hop on the treadmill instead of 'building stamina' on the elliptical. I want to read more, so I'm going to actually crack open a book instead of just reading a magazine.

I am going to try and be that person who takes initiative and makes things happen for herself, rather than wondering how other people do it. Although it's so easy to zombie-out during the week, I have to remind myself that I'm happier when I'm hooked on a good book, up-to-speed on what's going on in the world, and in touch with people I love, instead of staying up until 2 a.


That's not to say I won't make time for the occasional Netflix veg session, I just hope to make that the exception rather than the rule. Moments before I walk in the door and turn on my charm, there is a little voice inside my head that whispers 'you can't do it' or 'you'd look better if you lost 10 pounds. It demotivates me, keeps me from enjoying the subsequent event, and wrecks my confidence at critical moments.

5 New Year's Resolutions For Single Girls To Celebrate Solo Life In

I plan to put a more positive spin on my inner negativity. Ideally, I'll be able to turn those seeds of doubt into motivation, and I'll take those moments to encourage myself rather than tear myself down. I've always been a gluttonous person that tends to overindulge in any and everything, and now feels like the perfect time to stop cold-turkey.

I'd like to be much more purposeful with my time and money, and ultimately, my life. With a full-time job, relationship, and personal goals, it's very easy to find yourself in a position where saying 'no' to an event or to a request, or even putting yourself first, can ignite a sense of guilt. Get that blood work done, see what vitamins you need to take, and get a doctor to look at your reports.

You may be able to do away with a lot of worry, pain, and frustration this way.

4 New Year’s Resolutions Every Woman Should Make

This could catch many cancers very easily and have them out of you before you know it! Spread Positivity Unfortunately, many women have a habit of bringing other women down. This year, we should make a conscious decision to only let positivity shine out from our words. We would not comment on the first thing we see, but check to see if we would like to have the same comment about ourselves.

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If not, then we should look for something that is positive and affirming, and say that instead. If you know she recently got a promotion at work, congratulate her and ask how her new position is going. Wrap-Up… New Year resolutions are more than a tradition. They are a way of assessing ourselves and trying to better our future.

We can all agree that women are very much concerned about self-improvement in any way, shape, or form. Put these resolutions on your list and see how the coming year works out for you. About Latest Posts. Share this Post. Searching for tips on how to find work you love or create a business you love?