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He is not like anything in creation. God is completely different. God is totally holy.

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Nevertheless, we have these words, so we have to know how we use them. Names, attributes, actions, and metaphors. So what I will do now is I will just tell you, speak to you, about some things about each of these categories and how I believe that they are to be used and are to be understood in the Bible and in Christian Tradition and how they relate to each other. First of all, the names. The very term God can be considered a proper name, that God is the being, or God is that reality, however you want to use, that we can use when we want to speak about God.

Jesus Christ is the one who makes God known. We just simply say, right from the very beginning, that there is this Man, Jesus—Jesus the Christ, Jesus of Nazareth—and he speaks to us about God, and he reveals God to us in his humanity. Because of who Jesus is and what Jesus does and how we come to speak about God following Christian revelation and Christian faith and convictions about Jesus, immediately that God is identified with the One who constituted Israel as his people.

However, Hebrew scholars point out that that may already be a certain kind of metaphysation, ontologicalization, so to speak, of this name of Yahweh , making it into a kind of a category of metaphysics of being. I will be who I will be.

I will cause to be what I will cause to be. I will do what I want to do. I will act the way I want to act. No one will control me. No one will have an idea of me.

No one will be able to put me in his pocket. No one will be able to kind of con me or appease me or use me for their own purposes. Even the Israel people, the Jews, the Hebrews, when they were reading Scripture and that tetragram was there, that we normally call Yahweh , they were not allowed to say it.

Only the high priest was to say it. It was a holy name. It was a holy thing. So for Christians, following this whole tradition, the name of the real true God is the Lord. So it is Yahweh is God, or Adonai Elohim. You see, Adonai , the Lord, is Elohim , is God.

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And Jesus calls him Abba. So for Christians who are in Christ, who by the Holy Spirit are anointed to become by grace, by faith everything that Jesus himself has in his relationship to the one, true, and living God, because of course the Scripture claims that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Moses, who is the God of the prophets, he is also the God who created heaven and earth. He is the God who, from the beginning, called everything into being, and there is no other God but he.

There is no other God. All the other gods are no gods at all. In other words, the One who reigns.

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But the name of that One who reigns, who is the King, who is the true God, who is the living God, for Christians, would be, ultimately and most importantly, Father. It is a revealed name of God through Jesus Christ. In Latin, they have an expression, totaliter aliter , completely and totally different, no way of being grasped, no way of being contained—known by his activities as being beyond anything that can be comprehended or said—that is Yahweh. That is the Most High; that is the Father of Jesus. And the holy Fathers of the Church say he is essentially Father.

The one, true, and living God simply has a Son according to his very being, his very reality. He begets. So we have Jesus, and Jesus is a name. It means savior or conqueror or victor or healer; it has all those meanings. We usually think it means savior in English, but savior in Hebrew is synonymous with victor, synonymous with conqueror, synonymous with healer.

And then we have Spirit of God, the Ruach Yahweh , the Spirit of the Lord, breath, wind, but normally in English spirit, in Greek spirit, pnevma , in Latin spirit, spiritus , in Hebrew ruach.

Prophets Are God’s Representatives on the Earth

So you have the Spirit. So for Christians there are these three whom Christians confess as being divine, as being truly divine. In everyday language, you could say each one is God. As you would say: Peter, Paul, and Mary, each one is man. Or if you said of three dogs, Fido, Rover, and Rex, three dogs. So each one of these is divine; each one of these is God. We will see that you cannot speak of three gods like you would speak of three men or three dogs or three animals or three horses or three golden rings.

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Those names are Father and Son and Holy Spirit. These are names. These are proper names, and therefore we worship God by using these names. They are the names given to us by God by which he is to be honored and glorified and addressed. Think about it. You can actually tell people the very Word of God. This is why it is so important for you to memorize Scripture. You don't have to have every single word down perfectly of every verse, but you should be able to recite the word of God concerning who God is, who Jesus is, and what he did on the cross.

After all, the gospel message is the most important message there is to tell anyone. It is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes Rom. You might want to start with John ,14; Isaiah ; Romans ; Eph. Now, I know that many of you don't have the confidence to speak the Word of God. Maybe you, like Moses, are not very eloquent in speaking. Don't worry about it.


It is not an issue of confidence or eloquence. Instead, be concerned for what God thinks of you and let the powerful word of God accomplish what God desires. Yield yourself to God to be an instrument of his word, and in the process watch how it changes others…as well as how it changes you. And how shall they believe in Him whom they have not heard?