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Well we call those One Pagers and they are listed below:. Tangent is a Partner-of-the-Year nominated Microsoft Gold Partner that specializes in Office deployments and adoption. This is a short explainer of the Microsoft CIE process. This is a longer explainer of the Microsoft CIE process.

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What is a CSP? What are my options outside of utilizing a CSP? The Enterprise Agreement EA has been the most popular method for purchasing and managing Microsoft software licenses, but this comes paired. Tangent is a Partner-of-the-Year nominated As a public body, it is essential for Pasco School District to be able to respond to public records requests quickly and accurately; and for many years, the District has comfortably met this requirement thanks to its DataCove on-premises email archiving solution from Tangent.

Building on this success, Pasco School District decided to Murphy Medical Center strives to deliver the highest possible level of service to its patients, yet it was being held back by issues with its virtual desktop infrastructure. Turning to its trusted technology partner, Tangent, for help Teaming up with Tangent, the City migrated to Office Now, with cloud-based ZoomSystems knew that it was walking on thin ice with its antiquated Microsoft Exchange email server - more than a decade old, the system could fail at any time and the consequences could be dire.

Seeking peace of mind, ZoomSystems decided to take a proactive approach and upgrade its email server before problems began to surface. Working with Tangent, the automated retail solution provider migrated its Looking for hardware? Enterprise Infrastructure VDI. Government Portal. Or Two million people under siege in Aleppo?

Or the story of the underpaid hospital nurses? All seen in 16 by 9. Part Two: - The World Turns Sour Scene 1 : [Confused person in the dark with an illuminated screen] So while we are changing, amazing ourselves with our egos The World Turns Sour, yes of the World Turns Sour And when the helpless are a threat What does that say about the rest of us And as we start to build the wall we're getting ready for the fall! So, hold out the boom arm! Dangle the mic' in front of her face Give them a forum, give them a place where they can HATE 'Cos when you come to write your story and keep your paper's point of view It's the end user that matters most or maybe it's just you.

Part Four - Three Binary Choices [7 Billion confused people in the dark with one illuminated screen each. The illumination of the 7 billion screens casts NO light] Sitting watching! Sitting taking this in!

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All the stories going over my head And I'm a consumer, just like all the other avatars Mainlining stories that go straight to our heads But if we STOP! No way!

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They give us binary choices! You can have this or that - but nothing in between! No Central Road. The lights of Libya shine down on the water And everyone I ever loved is here - adrift on this sea They tell me that we will be rescued They tell me that we'll be OK in the end Somehow - I feel a nagging doubt.

Three generations of a family in flight Cling to this flimsy rubber dinghy In the Mediterranean night And after this is over Maybe we'll find that home In the promised land they've spoken of, So many miles from our own And one day they'll tell their story Of how they followed the railway lines They crossed a sea so they could break free And WE found it. Taught them grammar and writing prose?

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  7. Did they teach them decency Reflecting humanity and its woes? Forearmed is forewarned Did anybody ask them why their writing's full of hate? Or isn't that in the remit of those who educate today? Schools turning out corporate automotons Ready to go all boxes ticked Accredited by Pearson The TLC of the PLC is sick Become a teacher then bow your head To the passing fashions where you are led Recite their mantras and say your prayers Because when all's said the futures theirs To sell textbooks - just textbooks, that's all they wanna do Rusting!

    Rusting slowly! Trusting - Trusting nobody. Lead is a plentiful and highly useful element of great stability and strength. Astatine is highly unstable, unpredictable and so unreliable as to not exist long enough to actually be held in ones hand I lose a friend again, it isn't hard I thought I'd got past all that playground yard stuff But in the end there's always that small matter of pride.. It gets so strong you know, gets in your head like caffeine in the morning Your blood is boiling and you're shaking now And all those things you said don't matter anyhow but you persist!

    And you? Well, you're just the same! And we haven't picked the phone up in months now Stubborn silence like an empty carrier on the shortwave band No-one listening and nothing planned We have no audience for our silence And the years will pass by, there'll be no applause, There'll be no encores or victory laps this time There'll be no vote, there'll be no eviction Just the humdrum Play some music, I really miss that now!

    But in the end I'll just put my own point of view Like never said! Words taken back and recycled The old ones left for dead But we keep on shouting although there's nothing left to say And every hour that passes adds up to a wasted day When we could do the things that we love - together And the years will pass by, there'll be no applause, There'll be no encores or victory laps this time There'll be no vote, there'll be no eviction Just the humdrum And the years will pass by and no-one will care about The things that made us laugh They might smile once in a while as they tuck us in Because if we don't talk now, then it will be gone Like the water underneath the bridge Where we once There was once a country Like many other countries it had a history that had seen division, strife and war.

    Like fewer countries it had won a lot of those wars and at a fairly notable point in its history it had been at the centre of a large and powerful empire.

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    As time passed and with economic and world change, the might of that empire dwindled and faded away. Although life continued for the country, its people would sometimes wistfully look back on the time when their forefathers controlled and developed large parts of the world Give us Empire! Give us what our fathers fought for!

    Give us money, give us power, give us greed!

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    This world is ours, we're the masters of its future Can't share the fruits - just spit out the seeds! Give us standing!

    Lets see the other countries bow to us On reverential knee! We are the leaders where we go you will follow, Never tie our hands we are the "living free" WE STAND ALONE For generations though, successive governments and administrations continued with traditions, pomp and ceremony while the working people of that country were ignored and left to suffer. Treaties and restrictions that were imposed on the country by its neighbours became frustrating to the people and they became restless to be the controllers again, rather than the controlled.

    Give us Empire!

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    Give us Greed Give us Power - it's what we need Give us money, give us power, give us greed! The country responded likewise and there rose from the rank and file a Man who offered freedom from those rules and restrictions. Who could deliver the tremensous potential of the country back into the hands of its people.

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    In order to do this he focussed on the people he said were "bleeding the country dry" "Give us freedom, give us control of our borders Give us safety from invaders and from fear Give us leaders who can harbour those emotions Give us national pride and they'll all disappear Eject the Mudbloods who don't have the right background And rank people on a score of one to ten - but Give us cheap labour to make our cities' future And make our nation "great again" Now as far as HE was concerned, the people who were "bleeding the country dry" - as so many people had observed before, were people who had migrated to that country.

    Well the hard working and forgotten population of the country looked at what he said and many agreed. Rather than looking at the way they had been overlooked and conned by the political elite, they now had someone the could REACH that they could blame. On the corners of the streets, on the train in the morning.